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SiliconBali Photography and Film Residency

Lisbon, Portugal


SiliconBali is calling all filmmakers, content creators, photographers, interested in moving over to Lisbon, Portugal, or here residing, to enter our Film Residency Program. We are a marketplace of opportunities abroad, and you will be working with not only our partners, but also creating content on top of our users.


Filmmaker & Editor

  • Responsible for filming our SiliconBali Originals Partners, and also our web series with Expats in our local community.

  • Edit and create opportunity trailers within SiliconBali’s format

  • Cover local events and create after movies and activations


  • Responsible for photographing our SiliconBali Originals Partners, and also our web series with expats in our local community.

  • Photo coverage of local events

  • Treating photos from our backstage shoots, profiles 


Come join our team in our HQ in the heart of Lisbon, and partake in a very high paced, diligent and hard working team. We are building a team of content creators to oversee and film SiliconBali Originals Partners here in Lisbon, and edit any material sent from our partners all over the World.


You will be filming, photographing and editing start-ups, corporations, NGO’s, camps, hostels and many more whom end up opening opportunities within our platform.


You will be eligible for a 3 month Film Residency program, and once you are done, you will be eligible for hiring within SiliconBali, but also getting 1 free opportunity anywhere in the world with our platform.

What you'll do

Open call

  • For anyone interested in content creation, learning the basics, pre and post production, audio, filmmaking & photography.

  • Join us here at SiliconBali and lets help you give your content creation career a head start by working alongside a fast paced team and environment.

  • You will be also participating in networking events 

What you'll get



To certify that completed the work experience


LinkedIn review

Get a recommendation written by the organization


SB insurance

Contact us if something doesn't go as planned



We will assist you in finding affordable accommodation


Hands on projects

You will work with various content creation projects


Startup culture

Immerse yourself into the startup ecosystem


  • Open-Call: Interest in gaining experience and knowledge in the content creation area, such as filmmaking, producing, photography and editing; proactiveness and diligence is key.

  • Filmmaker & Editor: Minor knowledge in Filmmaking; Minor knowledge in Editing and Syncing audio (Premiere Pro); Proactiveness and diligence are key for the job. (After Effects is a plus.

  • Photographer: Minor knowledge in Filmmaking; Minor knowledge in Editing and Syncing audio; Proactiveness and diligence are key for the job. 

All participant has to be over 18 years old, and speak ONE of the following languages: English or Portuguese. 

About the hosting organization

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Siliconbali is now Hyperlocal

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