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Empower the community with a surfhouse

Catch some waves while making a difference with an award winning & internationally recognized surf organization that uses surfing as a platform to empower the favela community.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



A project that was born from the vision of Jose Ricardo

Ramos, Bocao, born and raised in the favela of Rio de Janeiro. In 1987 Bocao received his first surfboard in exchange for a video game and learned to surf alone in the waves of Sao Conrado. The children of the community saw Bocao catching the wave and asked to do the same. At that moment he realized that surfing could be a distraction for children, who were already seduced and taken to the drug trade.

He is now the founder of a surf school project, where he then expanded the business and the school is now located in a big sports complex & offers a variety of other activities  including ecological and favela tours that benefit the community.

What you'll do


  • Help with bureaucracy and office tasks

  • Organize the NGO structure to be prepared to receive the students and partners

  • Help with logistics during events at the sports complex, beach or anywhere else.

Social media & content

  • Create content necessary for marketing of NGO.

  • Liaison to film crews, journalists, partners that may walk in for an interview or campaign

  • Capture photos and videos and create social media campaigns

Surf activities & events

  • Participate in local cleanups an ocean awareness programs and events.

  • Be someone to inspire the "grommets" that look at surfing as a way of freeing

  • themselves from the drugs and violence.

  • Teach the basics of surfing and its history to the students!

NGO Consulting

  • Assist in any means possible the other employees and volunteers.

  • Help with logistics efficiency during events at the sports complex, beach or anywhere else.

  • Get the NGO to participate in local cleanups, ocean awareness programs and events.

What you'll get



To certify that completed the work experience


LinkedIn review

Get a recommendation written by the organization


SB insurance

Contact us if something doesn't go as planned


Free surf lessons

Complimentary surf classes (2hours/ week)


  • Intermediate English

  • Over 18 years old

  • Business/ marketing studies background

  • Laptop & smartphone

About the hosting organization


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