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The Surfcamp dream. The Pura Vida dream.

Going to Costa Rica has always been on my plans. Getting to see one of the most green and natural countries in the world with its amazing beaches and surfing spots.

My experience at Dreamsea Surf Camp was for sure one the most special and important moments of my life. I worked as a Qualified Volunteer (Surf Instructor) for one month.

At first, I wasn’t sure about the people I was going to meet or how I would manage to work in totally different conditions and languages I’m used to.

Once I arrived there, I saw that everybody was in the same opened vibe and with the same mindset, you don’t even need to try to make friends because it just happens naturally. You wake up, spent the whole day and go to sleep with the same people every day. We just became a big family.

Each person from a different country, with a different background, each person is an opened book from which you can learn so much you could never imagine.

It was a big sharing experience, everyone was there to share moments, knowledge, laughs, opinions and points of view about life.

Speaking a little about my job. I was working as a Surf Instructor in exchange for food and accommodation, I used to have lessons almost every day, which lasted for 2 hours, and during the rest of the day I could go surfing or do other things. To be honest it didn’t even feel like an obligation, because the lessons were with all the people from Dreamsea, who were already friends. So in the end was just another great moment. It was so rewarding to see the progress in my students and how happy they could get with surfing.

When you spend time in contact with nature and people in a very simple and humble way, it’s an opportunity to reset your mind and renew your energies. I feel that I have learned a lot in this month. Besides all the fun and beautiful moments, it was a for sure a deep personal journey. The world is out there waiting for us with opened arms, we just have to go for it!


By our friend, Renzo Reisch

Instagram @RenzoReisch

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