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4 simple tips on living abroad on a budget

Feeling like travelling without spending thousands of dollars?When I travelled the US for four weeks, I wanted to survive on a student budget and researched some helpful tips in advance to spend as little as possible.

1. Look for accommodationvouchers online

While doing our roadtrip through the US, we mainly stayed in a hostel chain called “Redroof“. They provided online vouchers with a 15% discount on their website, which made the stay way cheaper. Other good websites are airbnb, Hostelworld or studentuniverse to find some affordable accommodation. But I definitely recommend doing some research online in advance. This will safe some bucks for sure!

2. Studentuniverse

Studentuniverse does not only offer affordable hostels for students, but also show you the best flight deals in their website. There are special student prices that may enable you to find way better deals than on other platforms. I recommend choosing a flexible date (if that works with your schedule), so you can save some additional notes.

3. Groupon

You should check out the website/app Groupon, which offers various vounchers for restaurants, shops, outdoor activities or wellness salons. There are a lot of 2 for 1 offers or discounts up to 20%. Eating with a groupon voucher every now and then or booking your sightseeing tours with it, helps to save a lot!!

4. Outlet stores

If you follow points 1-3, you might have some coins left for shopping. The US offers a variety of outlet malls with all sorts of designers and brands. In these huge stores you can find outfits for more affordable prices.


By our friend, Nina Gerlach

Linkedin /ninagerlach

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