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Welcome to Siliconbali 




is what we do for the world


"A potential to build a better future for people & planet through tourism."

"Once the pandemic began, this company pivots their focus to help those in need."

"A unique opportunity to restart tourism in a more balanced, innovative and sustainable way."


Our mission

To use technology, storytelling and immersive experiences to highlight what's happening around the world and make it accessible to everyone. We imagine a world where we all of us can collaborate, take action, and create an impact.

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Become a tourist temporary citizen of your destination


Deep dive into the world's most intriguing topics, causes, and subcultures.




Immerse into a city's way of life and develop something meaningful with the locals.

In the spotlight




Develop new women-led businesses

Help local women & artisans create and launch various small family businesses in the Mathare slum such as local produces, as well as handmade crafts kiosks.



Actively participate in the action. Get involved with everything they're doing.


Contribute directly to the local community & their causes.

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Go on sabbatical


We are currently testing new experiences & destinations. We will be opening up again slowly with limited spots on a rolling basis throughout the summer 2021.

"This achievement validates that our vision truly stands out & that the world urgently needs it. The pandemic entails a new opportunity for us to not only rethink out business model, but also to restart travel in a more sustainable way and to use it to mobilize global actions."

Sevo Widodo

Founder & CEO

Startup Lisboa

Rua da Prata 80

Lisbon, Portugal